Annual Maintenance Contract – AMC

Guaranteed Performance all through

Our HVAC/AC maintenance will help you keep away from any system failures in the adverse weather conditions.

Ensure your HVAC works efficiently throughout

Maintenance is required to keep the systems in proper working condition. Quality output from the system depends on the performance, hence to get the quality results system maintenance is a must. Striving to deliver quality solutions in Kuwait, Advanced service is involved to offer customers exciting annual maintenance plans for the air conditioning systems including HVAC. Our HVAC/AC maintenance will help to keep away from any system failures in the adverse weather conditions which will drastically reduce the electricity bills.

Some of the offerings from us include

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a featured service option from advanced services that help clients to have a smooth functioning of the systems. Our engineers will make timely inspection and necessary maintenance on your installations and equipment. The clients can remain tension-free as we undertake all sort of maintenance requirement under the AMC package, they need to pay only a minimal annual charge to avail this package.

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