Service Contracts

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Advanced services come up with a range of maintenance contracts crafted for customers. We provides them the choice to pick the service type they wish.

Service Contracts

Advanced Services take pride in being the most trusted Air conditioning company in Kuwait. As a leader we understand that knowing the customer needs is important for the success of a business. Considering this, we lend a helping hand to the customers with distinct types of packages of varied duration so they can choose the type of service they want. In order to facilitate this, we have multiple types of maintenance contracts for clients to select from.

Labour Only

It is a common practice now these days to give the whole work to the contractor, so the owners do not need to worry about the purchase and completion of the work. As per the design and the plan the responsibility to complete the job is safe in the hands of the contractor. In most cases, the owner or customer do not enjoy the freedom of choice on equipment and work. It is for this reason we have been demanded to rectify and complete the work as per the owner request and satisfaction. Our “Labour only” service is designed by keeping this in mind.

Safety is very important in every area of AC installation. As our staffs are certified and properly trained on the industry safety measures, you do not have to concern about safety while implementing. Having been involved in this vertical over the years, the demand for the Labour only service in Kuwait from us is growing. This service has been designed in a way to help our customers to fulfill the exact requirement successfully and cost-effectively. The labor only service helps the clients to pay only for the labor as the equipment purchase are the responsibility of the customer. We undertake labor only service of all types of air-conditioning installations, elevator fittings, electrical and plumbing works etc… When opting for the labor only option, the customer needs to pay only for the work hours. For more information on Labour only service or to discuss any specific project, contact us via either phone or email and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Labour with consumables

It’s the customer’s decision to choose the type of service contract they want for repair or maintenance of their AC units. Some prefer to give the whole responsibility to the contractor, others prefer to utilize “labour only” work and others give permission to labor to buy the consumables for the necessary repair or maintenance. Advanced service has designed “Labour with consumables” to offer customers peace of mind. This service will be much helpful for the customers who find it difficult to choose the right system.
The labour with consumables service is tailored to help the clients who wish to purchase the equipment by them. It includes the charges of labor and the consumable tools and products necessary for installation and maintenance of the equipment.

With this service from the leader in AC installation Kuwait, customers can really enjoy the freedom. We have the pool of professionals who are versatile to provide the purchase decision. As well we have the ability to advise and purchase the right consumable tools that complete your requirement in a cost effective way. They know what sort of systems (the make, the model and price) is appropriate for your environment.
The labor with consumables service helps the client to purchase the main equipment matching their requirements. These kinds of services will be much helpful for you in various circumstances. Being the best HVAC provider in Kuwait, we have the most valued Labour with consumables service at your disposal. You are simply leaving your concerns to us; we make it simple for you. Contact us to know more on this service.

Labour with spares excluding AC compressor

As a leading AC provider in Kuwait, we lend our maximum support to our customers in varied ways. The services being provided are widely accepted among the customers in the region. Labour with spares excluding AC compressor contract is designed for the maintenance or repair of air conditioning spares except the compressor. With this package or contract the service is being provided to the spares only.
Be it the installation or maintenance, our package covers everything excluding the AC compressor. We complete the designing, installation and maintenance of the complete equipment, but the AC compressor. This helps the clients to limit the cost within their budget.
This service will be much helpful for the customers, since the customers do not need to spend unnecessarily. Little would be the chance that the compressor comes with the problem. If it needs the repair or maintenance or installation of both the spares and the compressor, you have the option to pick our comprehensive package.

Comprehensive service that consists of labour, consumables, spares and compressor

Advanced Services is proud to delight our customers in a variety of ways. From repair to maintenance to installation our professionals take up the profession in a matured and responsible way. When it comes to the job of a reliable service, it is worth to opt for a Comprehensive Maintenance Contract. With this package you are entitled to receive complete solution for the needs.
Comprehensive Service is an all inclusive package that consists of labor, consumables, spares and AC compressor. Opting this service will help the client to enjoy hassle-free service from base to top. Upon accepting the design proposal our experienced professionals will undertake, supervise and complete the work to the complete satisfaction of clients.

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