Duct Works, Some Checks

One of the mechanisms exploiting the energy usage in a business is the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Maintaining a sustainable environment with reduced energy consumption presents a major challenge to business owners. There must be some causes that give rise to higher utilization of energy. Here we focus on the energy leakage due to improper installation of air ducts.


Supply ducts and return ducts are the two centerpieces of an air conditioning system. You may be amazed to find out how many ductwork systems are improperly installed in a building. Improper duct installation causes high energy bills, downgraded performance, poor indoor air quality, and air distribution. If the duct has leakage, you certainly will have worse indoor air quality than those with properly insulated ducts.

Common indications of poorly installed ductwork.

Air Duct Leaks:

HVAC system fails to produce proper results if there is air leakage in the duct.

Poorly connected ducts and holes in the ducts are considered to be the main reasons for the air leak. The leakage makes the HVAC work harder to maintain a balanced temperature. Apart from losing the conditioned air, if the ducts are not fitted properly, negative air pressure can pull in the dirty air.

Identify the gaps, any cracks, and poor connection all around the ducts and consider professional air duct sealing if necessary. If you feel any allergies due to dust, it may be that air being released contains the dust and debris which is sucked into the duct.

Some signs of air leaks

– Takes time to cool or heat the rooms

– High energy bills

– Feel uncomfortable and stuffy in the rooms

– Signs of allergy due to the dusty air.

If you feel that the air ducts have problems, it is recommended to have tested by the professionals. The HVAC team will pressurize the duct system to identify any leakage.

Unpredictable room temperatures

If you are suffering other comfort problems, it might be that you have incorrectly sized ductwork or problems with the airflow.

Is your ductwork too small for proper airflow?

If the size of the duct is not in the recommended sizes, it may affect the airflow causing discomfort and temperature issues. Improperly sized ducts or blocked vents causes loud airflow and strange noises. If you see any bending flex ducts, contact a professional to make sure everything is supported and pulled tight.

Apart from checking air ducts for bends/twists and damage, check the following:

– Air filter

– Minimum 2-foot clearance around the outdoor condenser unit

– Not obstructed vents and registers

– Annual heating and air conditioning maintenance

If you suspect improperly installed air ducts, be in touch with a professional for a static pressure test.

Enhance HVAC efficiency by properly sealing heating and cooling ducts

Proper sealing of heating and cooling ducts can enhance HVAC efficiency by great percentage. Finding an HVAC technician with experience in sealing ducts can help the system to produce the desired results. The sealing effect is further improved by wrapping the ducts in insulation. Focus first on areas of the building that are unprotected – underneath the building or in unheated/cooled storage spaces.

What you can do when the ducts have the leakage and are not properly installed? Commercial HVAC Maintenance Company can identify any and troubleshoot the issues. The best way to avoid spending too much, however, is to have inspections and maintenance on your HVAC unit regularly. If you think your ductwork is having problems, get in touch with Advanced Services for complete HVAC solutions including the design, installation, maintenance, service, and repair. The company has proved it’s meticulous on different large commercial and residential projects in Kuwait.