Some ways to boost HVAC efficiency

HVAC is seemingly the most energy demanding system in your home. Almost half of the energy expenditure is due to HVAC, defeating even the growing energy consumption of electronics and other appliances. Thus by correctly maintaining the HVAC system, you can enhance HVAC efficiency and reduce the energy costs dramatically. If you want to benefit from it here are some ways to consider, here’s how.

Insulate properly: Allowing the hot and cold air from outside to enter your home makes your unit to work hard to keep your home temperature steady. So the basic step to enhance efficiency is to properly seal the rooms at the time HVAC is functioning. You should check that the insulation in your walls and attic is still doing its job. By doing this, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs to a greater extent.

Adjust Your Thermostat: Thermostat is for controlling the temperature and it’s not just good to trust thermostat to know what temperature is at home. Sometimes with the difference in the temperature it shows in the thermostat it will cost you more. To ensure your thermostat is taking the correct reading, you need to have a trustworthy thermometer and keep it in a separate distance from the thermostat. By this tool, you can adjust your thermostat suitably.

Control VFD:  It is the variable frequency drive (VFD) that regulates the speed of the HVAC motor. VFD provides energy savings based on rotations per minute. Any breakdowns on VFD can cause energy efficiency related issues. You should look into your variable frequency drive thoroughly and ensure it is running on bypass mode and through that, you can benefit energy savings.

Clean HVAC Coils: You should clean the HVAC coils. As the units are likely to be placed in the areas that are rarely cleaned such as the roof tops, basements or in the corner of your yard, it is easier to get dirt on coils. Debris on coil force the unit to work harder which in turn affects the indoor air quality. Therefore you should schedule coil cleaning periodically

Connect Timers: when no one is at home, you should think about setting an acceptable temperature on the thermostat. So the unit doesn’t need to work so hard for no benefit. You can connect timers to the devices that need more energy like desktop computers, appliances, and gaming consoles.

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