Know HVAC air filters – Why is it so crucial in HVAC systems

How good your HVAC system cleans the air depends on the quality of air filter used in the system. It is recommended to change the HVAC air filter every two or three months for efficient and good indoor air quality. Choosing the right filter might be confusing at first and the filters are assigned different ratings based on its capacity for removing airborne particles. There is an established energy efficiency standard for the indoor air quality in each country.

Know HVAC air filters - Why is it so crucial in HVAC systems

Here we discuss the various types of filters and how they will affect the indoor air quality. It includes the washable, polyester, fiberglass, pleated and high-efficiency HVAC filters.

Washable HVAC filter

Washable HVAC filter has the lowest rating. Therefore it is not the best one suitable for residential HVAC. These filters are likely to become the shelter for bacteria, fungus, and other disease-causing microorganisms. Greater possibility is that when you use the washable filter, these microorganisms could easily escape and spread in the air.

Fiberglass HVAC filter

Even though the fiberglass filter protects your AC unit from airborne pollutants, it does not improve the indoor air quality. These are the least expensive type and have to be replaced frequently. This is not a good choice at all if you intend to enhance the quality of air. If any of your family members is suffering from allergies, then say a big “No” to this kind of filter.

Polyester and pleated

When it comes to trapping the particles, polyester and pleated filters are more effective than the fiberglass. It is good at capturing more airborne particles without blocking the airflow. These filters are affordable to buy and have a quality rating compared to others. Using the polyester and pleated air filter is a great solution for enhancing air quality.

High-efficiency HVAC filters

High-efficiency filters are the best at restricting air pollutants, but they are the most expensive and has the highest quality rating. They are usually employed in industrial settings like the hospitals and other germ-free environments.

Why indoor air quality is so vital?

– The conditions that may lead to asthma, allergy and respiratory conditions can be drastically reduced in a home with great indoor air quality.

– The children’s exposure to airborne pathogens will reduce the chance they develop any allergies or respiratory conditions.

– Home indoor air quality can be managed easily by changing the filters frequently and improving ventilation.

Imagine, how vulnerable the air quality could be in the cities. In the Middle East especially in Kuwait, where living is not possible without an Air Conditioner, picture yourself the importance of having the HVAC maintenance for the efficient running of the systems and the improved air quality. If you have trouble getting quality air, it seems that you need turnkey service or maintenance for your AC unit. You can rely on the service of experienced HVAC providers in Kuwait- Advanced Services.