HVAC and Indoor Air Quality solutions

Indoor air quality is crucial for better health. May be many people do not think of the effect of indoor air quality that has on their health. By looking more closely at your indoor air quality and HVAC systems, you can offer your customers and employees an enhanced environment in a business. If the air quality is affected, the major cause of it could be due to inadequate HVAC maintenance. Poor air quality can cause headaches, skin problems, fatigue, lung problems, and other issues.

HVAC and Indoor Air Quality solutions

The chronic health issue, asthma is linked to indoor air quality and HVAC systems. Long-lasting exposure to certain contaminants has been connected to heart disease and cancer even.

So with many risks, isn’t it time to have a look at indoor air quality solutions?

Dangers of overlooking indoor air quality

Many of us complain about the cold that has been caused by external elements. When these pollutants blend with the indoor air, it affects the quality of air causing many airborne diseases. Here are some reasons why indoor air quality shouldn’t be overlooked.

– Poor indoor air quality is the reason for many illnesses

– Poor indoor air quality costs the business much in the form of absenteeism and medical care

– With proper indoor air quality solutions, productivity can be enhanced

– Poor indoor air quality causes employees to take sick leave.

– Asthma cases can be reduced higher with proper indoor air quality

Effective HVAC maintenance strategy

If you want to improve indoor air quality, think about signing up for regular HVAC maintenance. They will plan a comprehensive maintenance strategy that can prevent airborne toxins, unpleasant odors, and other pollutants to enter in.

Here are some ways the providers will implement:

Filtration (checking the filters): A filter is an important part of an HVAC system. The filter in HVAC ward off dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris from moving into the system. When the filter is burdened with debris, it cannot perform its job and it results in settling these contaminants in the ducts and cause to spread to the air you breathe.

When ducts get accumulated with the dirt and other particles, the system has to work excessively to move the air through a lesser space. It results in higher bills. Hence the reason it is recommended by the manufacturer to change the filter regularly (every six months). MERV rating filters are effective in measuring the quantity of particular matter captured over a particular time. A professional HVAC contractor will determine if the filter has enough pressure to handle the dust and debris.

Cleaning Air Ducts: As the air moves freely through the heating and cooling system, there is a high chance that the dust and other pollutants gather inside the duct. Like the air filter, the air duct should also be in good condition. The dirt that is collected in the air duct will be circulated through your home until they are gradually inhaled by you or any member. You might have tried your own way of cleaning the duct using mechanical brushes and industrial vacuum to eliminate the accumulated dust and dirt. Professional duct cleaning will bring the needed result that will help the system to produce quality air.

Mechanical Ventilation: Mechanical ventilators are effective to bring in fresh outdoor air into your home while at the same time expel contaminated air from inside. These mechanical ventilators perform its function separately from the HVAC system and some models provided energy recovery solutions to lower your energy bills.

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