Protect Condenser Unit – The Integral Part of HVAC System

The creatures such as the rodents, pests, insects, and pets create a lot of damages to the outdoor condenser units. From the corrosive effects of moisture and the creatures being caught in the system, there are many reasons for the malfunctioning of the unit. The best thing you can do is to prevent them from coming near the unit initially. By taking the time to pest-proof your outdoor condenser unit, you can prevent damage to wiring and other expensive system components.

Protect Condenser Unit – The Integral Part of HVAC System

 Inspect Outdoor Unit

A quick inspection of the outdoor unit would be good. Look for something unusual such as the chewed wires, ant hills, waste of insects and so on. If you locate any signs of damage, contact an HVAC maintenance specialist or pest control unit. If there is pooling around your HVAC unit, look for ways to improve drainage to reduce moisture. You may need to fix the grading around your unit. If the water table is too high, you need to elevate the unit.

Construct a Barrier

A protective coverage around the condenser unit will be beneficial. The debris around can cause extreme damage to the system. In this case, either you will have to replace the coil or unit or you will suffer efficiency and performance.

The barrier prevents the animals from entering. Not only does it protect the unit from the external factors, it allows for the free passage of air to perform efficiently. When creating a barrier, make sure there is enough room for your HVAC technician to conduct maintenance and repairs.

Maintain Outdoor Unit

– Maintain and clean your outdoor HVAC unit properly

– Ensure the outdoor area is free of any decayed leaves, grass, and other debris.

– Remove any pest-attracting materials such as the piles of wood and others from around your unit.

– Never stack anything on top of the unit.

– Trim overhanging branches.

– Clear away any nearby vegetation and clean the area of any excrement, which can attract insects and vermin.

Avoid Leaky AC Units

Pests are more likely to arise in the moisture area. What you have to do is to ensure the source that makes the moisture.

– Carry out the professional maintenance in the spring season

– Ask your technician if the condensate drain will be cleared

– Regularly change your air filter in every 30 0r 60 days.

– Seal and insulate your air ducts

If you do notice leaks or signs of water damage to your HVAC system, contact your HVAC maintenance provider.

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