Securing a condenser unit, the important part of an AC unit.

The condenser unit is amongst an important part of an HVAC system. It plays a crucial role in releasing the heat from inside room to outside. Without the condenser unit, the heated air doesn’t go anywhere. As the unit lies outside it needs to be protected from the creatures such as the rodents, insects and from the corrosive effects of moisture. It also needs to be prevented from the creatures coming near the unit initially though. Remember, the insects and rodents are the number one cause for the damage of wiring and other system components. By taking the prevention earlier than expected, you can prevent the damage to wiring and other expensive system components.

Securing a condenser unit, the important part of an AC unit.

Examine the Outdoor Unit

Having an eye on the outdoor unit is well and good. Search for any uncommon things that bring trouble to your system such as the gnarled wires, anthills, insect waste and so. You can either call for a technician to detect any component/wire damage or pest control unit fight to get rid of rodents and insects.  If there is pooling around your HVAC unit, look for ways to improve drainage to reduce moisture. You may need to fix the grading around your unit. If the water table is too high, you need to elevate the unit.

Implement a Barrier

A protective coverage around the unit will be highly advantageous as it protects the unit from the external debris to a greater extent. It prevents animals from entering and causing damage to the system. The damage to any component leads to performance issues. By creating barrier not only protect the unit from external elements, but it allows for the free passage of air to perform efficiently. When creating a barrier, make sure there is enough room for your HVAC technician to conduct maintenance and repairs.

What measures you can take to maintain the condenser unit?

Make sure the outdoor unit is located in a place where there is less vegetation nearby. The probability of entering any decayed leaves, grass or other debris would be less.

Never try to put any materials that are attractive to pests around or on the unit. If it is not the case there may be the chance of entering the insects and rodents pass into the unit.

Hanging branches on top of the unit are also troublesome. When the branches fall off, there could be a chance that the parts of tree branches enter into the system which again can invite insects and vermin.

The leaky Air conditioner units cause the area to moisturize. Call for a professional HVAC team and they ensure there is no leakage in the system. They will seal and insulate the air ducts to prevent leakage if any exists.

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