Understanding economizer in a commercial HVAC system

If you own a commercial building then you most likely will have an HVAC system to keep the space cool. Getting familiar with your HVAC system is important when it comes to keeping your building comfortable costs low. One of the main overlooked components of the HVAC system is the economizer. How do you know if there is economizer in your HVAC and how these components work?

Understanding economizer in a commercial HVAC system

What is an economizer?

Economizer is also a part of a commercial HVAC system which is usually mounted on the roof. It plays the role in assisting the HVAC unit to utilize outdoor air for cooling the building, provided that indoor air is cool and humidity balanced. As the name indicates, an economizer will help you in electricity costs and enhance the life of your heating and cooling unit.

What are the benefits of having an economizer?

Various sort of economizers is available. Some system uses a dry bulb sensor to measure the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air. In this system, once the temperature reaches a suitable level, a control in the system opens and allows outdoor air to mix with indoor air in the ducts. The outdoor air cools the indoor air when it moves through the duct. One minus of dry bulb economizers is that they can cause increased humidity levels.

There are economizers that use outdoor humidity sensors that prevent the flow of air if the humidity levels are too high. The other types of economizer models are advanced ones that can be connected with thermostats to optimize the balance.

Economizers can enhance the quality of air and improve indoor ventilation. These are useful in buildings where there is a poor flow of air. The improper ventilation in the building can cause the buildup of allergens. These will affect the comfort and health of everyone there in the building.  These instruments can be programmed to detect carbon monoxide and open up ventilation to release it from the building.

Does the economizer need a check?

It is not necessary that all commercial HVAC system comes with economizers. The chance of having the economizer in the HVAC system in an older building is very less. If the economizer is there in your HVAC, it may need repairs to its sensors or may need an upgrade. In either case, it is better to have the HVAC system and economizer inspected by the HVAC specialist. The HVAC provider can check the condition of an economizer to ensure it working efficiently.

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