What to consider when installing an elevator?

An elevator is probably the backbone of any commercial building. It ensures the ease of access and transportation to employees within the building. Meticulous planning is a must when installing a new lift, as it doesn’t just have to be functional and it needs to be safe as well. Here mention some of the important things to consider when making a decision to install an elevator in a commercial building.

What to consider when installing an elevator


First and foremost thing to consider is the capacity. Before the start of your planning, you should have an idea about an expected capacity of your building along with the passenger waiting times. These factors will have a direct impact on your overall lift requirements.

The elevator installation company outline a detailed plan by considering the buildings function, an average number of visitors who might be visiting, the number of employees and how they are distributed throughout the building. It should be designed in such a way as to eliminate the long travel times and to accommodate the maximum passengers.


The environment that the elevator need to be installed will have to be assessed properly. Your installation company will decide on the best way that not only fit the elevator but also provides a proper design that suits your requirement. When proposing a space, the factors such as the weight the elevator has to bear and the height will come into play.


Perhaps one of the most important elements to consider when planning an elevator installation is safety. It is incredibly important to choose the right type of elevator for your project. Primarily, it should be able to bear the weight of people when at maximum capacity, and secondly, it needs to be fitted with a functioning alarm system that can be used if the lift were to break down.

In Kuwait, the elevator installed to be used by people in the workplace are subject to the rules and regulations. The business is legally responsible for ensuring that the lift is examined and is safe to use. The lift must be In addition to routine maintenance, detailed and thorough examinations of the lift need to be carried out regularly by a competent person.

Elevator Design

While safety is paramount when planning to install an elevator, a good installation should also focus on the aesthetic aspects of it. If your elevator is being installed in a new, modern office or another more refined environment, it is important that it is in accord with the overall design and décor of the building.

However, bear in mind that as much as scenic, glass lifts look attractive, the more complicated the elevator design, the more complicated it will be to maintain. Scenic lifts generally work best in low rise building or in collaboration with standard passenger lifts and escalators.

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