What to do first if your AC got frozen?

If it seems that your AC got frozen, shut it off in quick time. Not that you turn off the AC using the thermostat, turn off the unit completely. It’s because you are exposing compressor to risk when you allow to run it with frozen coils. If the compressor goes fault, the entire air conditioner is almost dead.

What to do first if you’re AC got frozen

Never look at what causes the coils to freeze, the system needs to be examined by an HVAC professional to prevent any refrigerant leaks.

While you wait for the technician to come

Try to melt the ice. Use a heater or fan to melt the ice that’s caught in the coils. Never try to remove the ice by touching the coils which may damage the coils. If your try turns unsuccessful, wait for the professionals come to handle the matter.

Clean up the water. The leaking condensate may get into the ducts which cause a problem. Use a wet vacuum cleaner if required to suck out the water from the ducts.

Check for air flow problems. You might have closed the windows and other areas of building to save energy. Ensure supply registers are kept open and there is no furniture or other obstacles blocking them.

What the HVAC professionals will do

Change dirty filers and enhance airflow: it sounds contrary to intuition, isn’t it? In order to work properly, the AC needs warm air circulating around. The proper air flow will be affected by the clogged filter. If the filters are dirty and have not been serviced for a while, the coils can freeze

Check the fan. If the fan motor is going or if the speed is reduced due to dirt, it causes the coil to freeze. Like the filter, the fan also need some good cleaning, and the speed may need to be adjusted or the fan motor might need to be replaced.

Clear the condensate line and drains. The air conditioner removes humidity perfectly when it’s working properly. It removes the humidity from the air and condenses it into the water which travels through condensate drain to a floor drain. If there is any blockage in the drain condensate the water can freeze up to the coils.

Replace faulty thermostats. If thermostat not working properly, the unit may run continuously for some time if it runs too long and gets cold, the coils will gradually freeze up.

Check refrigerant levels and fix leaks if needed: The leaking refrigerant cause the coil to become too cold and can freeze. If the refrigerant is low the technician has to clean the coils and check for leaks. Finding leakage in the coil is time-consuming and is difficult too. If the tech tells you that the coils are in poor condition and likely to leak again, it may be time to start thinking about installing a new unit.

Make sure it doesn’t happen again!

The best way to prevent air conditioner freeze-ups is to regularly maintain it. At least twice per year, before startup in the spring and after shutting down in the fall, call HVAC expert Advanced Services in Kuwait to thoroughly clean and tune up your system. While any preventative maintenance plan should be tailored to fit your needs and your budget, it generally includes these tasks that prevent the problems leading to coil freezing.