How can you tell when your HVAC system has problems?

One element you need to take care when it comes to the internal environment of your building is the air pressure. Just imagine how important air pressure is in an aeroplane –without the pressurized cabin, it would be hard to breathe normally at high altitudes. Like that proper balance of the air pressure is important for the buildings which help everyone there to have proper comfort and feeling. Here are circumstances you can confirm; your building is facing the air pressure problems.

How can you tell when your HVAC system has problems

Types of Air Pressure

Air pressure is of two types and they are known as positive air pressure and negative air pressure. The type of air pressure your building has depends on the condition of your building’s HVAC system.

Positive Pressure: it is not as positive as you think. Although it sounds like a good thing, it is not. What it means is that when your room has positive pressure, there is too much air which is being released in unexpected ways. This pressure can cause the doors to open outwardly and fly by themselves, potentially harming people. This could be because of the equipment problems. An inspection of your system can help to identify the cause.

Negative Pressure: Negative pressure inside the building means, the air pressure inside the space is lower than outside. The difference in the pressure causes the outside air to be sucked in. In this case, you’ll have inward-opening doors flying open without warning, or people may feel trapped in your establishment because they can’t push the door to get out.

What causes the air pressure to go imbalance?

  • Hot Air: Warm air rises to the top and then to the upper floors resulting in the negative pressure in the lower areas. The combustion devices such as the furnaces and fireplaces tend to draw hot air up and out of the building through ventilation causing the situation badly.
  • Broken fans: Like the way the combustion devices expel hot air, an exhaust fan can release too much air and cause the negative pressure to go high. This leads to building up of deadly fumes called the carbon monoxide which is very dangerous to the people in the building.
  • Leaky ducts: When the duct has the holes or leaks, it will affect the air distribution badly leading to air pressure problems. The air being pushed to the rooms where there are no vents create positive pressure in those rooms and negative pressure in other areas of the building. Also, remember that holes in ductwork cause a loss of heated and cooled air and higher energy bills.
  • Fan motors: Fan motors, or blower motors, might operate at full blast. In some cases, that would mean they need to be turned down. But if they aren’t spinning fast enough, that causes positive air pressure problems as well.

Who are you going to call?

The imbalance in the air pressure needs to be rectified quickly as possible. Since it is all about correcting and controlling the flow of air, you need the help of experienced HVAC experts. Advanced Services in Kuwait is experienced in offering HVAC preventive maintenance where it offers a cost-effective and customized maintenance plans for buildings irrespective of commercial or residential structures. They have the maintenance experts who are particularly skilled in dealing with the large projects to offer you the service. Whenever you need a quality HVAC solution, get in touch with them.