What you should know about AC maintenance?

Could you imagine the situation, if your Air Conditioning unit suddenly stops functioning in the sweltering summer?

Many people would be in a confused state if this were to happen to them. Take a look at some of the prospects on how to prevent such situations before the problem starts.

Preventing before the problems start

The AC unit needs regular attention to get the maximum lifespan as well to prevent any potential faults. The first way is to perform preventive maintenance on their unit.  You can try out some simple maintenance on your own.

  • Changing the Air Filters – Air filters are easily visible. When it comes to changing or cleaning the air filters, you can do it your own. It is supposed to be cleaned once in a month and the replacement should be done about three months.
  • Removing Debris from around the Unit – it can be done easily for everyone. Simply removing any debris out from any of its units or components allows the airflow to be smooth and continuous.
  • Clean All Registers and Vents in your Home – Gradually over a period of time, there are high chances to accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt. When this happens, there will be a decrease in the quality of air. The remedy is to clean out the vents and the registers on a frequent basis and can prevent this from happening again.

If it seems that you are unable to maintain your own, you can call for the help of AC maintenance providers.

What you should know about AC maintenance

What if your AC is broken?

Here you need to depend on the expertise of an AC technician or provider to set things right. Though you can try out the first aid, there is always the chance that your unit may break down.

Some of the common repairs that our Air Conditioning technicians see include:

  • Frozen Condenser Coils – When the condenser coil freeze up, the unit fail to function properly. The condenser freeze-up is caused due to the hindrance of airflow or the low refrigerant level.
  • Leaking Refrigerant – Refrigerant is what the AC unit use to cool the air that is being circulated. If there is a significant drop in the level of refrigerant, the cooling will not happen. If you see any liquid on the ground, it may be the leaking refrigerant. You can get the help from a licensed technician who can fill the refrigerant to solve this problem.
  • Broken Thermostat – A faulty thermostat can cause multiple problems. It leaves you in a situation where you can’t regulate the temperature when you would like. Seeking the help of a professional will be the best option.
  • Broken Compressor Fan – Compressor fan is responsible for pushing the heat out of your home. Any damage to the compressor fan fails to cool the room adequately. This leads to overheating of the compressor and that lead to automatic shut down of the system. If you think you may have a broken compressor fan, you should call an AC maintenance provider to rectify the issue.

It’s incredible, when your Air Conditioning unit break down in the middle of summer, particularly in Kuwait. Calling a professional HVAC maintenance provider like the Advanced Services is best and the quick way to get your unit up and running again. They are the professional AC maintenance providers in Kuwait who has the real expertise in the realm of AC installation, planning, designing and maintenance for commercial and residential projects.