Some advantages of programmable thermostats

As you know the simple function of programmable thermostat brings many benefits to the owner. Not only does it enhances the comfort level but also brings comfort savings on the electric bill. Let’s have a look at how this little piece of an instrument can accomplish this while reducing the time and expenses you currently spend and manage the comfort of your building.


Let’s first understand what programmable thermostat is.

Still paying hefty bills for heating and cooling even when you are not at home for over 8 hours or more? Looking for ways to save energy? A programmable thermostat is an answer. With a series of pre-programmed settings, a programmable thermostat has been designed to provide comfort and energy savings year-round.

Why need to upgrade to the programmable thermostat?

Savings – When thinking of savings, an upgrade to a programmable thermostat is imminent. For every degree you set back or up your thermostat, depending on the season, over an eight hour period, you are saving the energy by a greater percentage.

Simple to use – Well-matched with both the new and old HVAC systems, a programmable thermostat allows you to program it and forget it while it does the work for you.

Ease – The pre-programmed settings adjust the temperature to when you are awake, asleep or away and returning the temperatures to the desired level when needed.

Control – Come in different styles, from simple to complex, Programmable thermostats allows you to have complete control over energy use and comfort levels. Some even can be operated via phone or internet. Moreover, programmable thermostats can be manually overridden without affecting programming.

Select the thermostat that’s suitable for you.

7-Day Thermostats: This kind of thermostat is best for houses with a varied schedule every day of the week.

5+2 Thermostats – This gives the flexible option of setting the temperature for five day work week and two-day weekend schedule.

Smart Thermostat – This type is Wi-Fi enabled with the ability to be programmed remotely from your computer or smartphone. “Smart” thermostats work well for those with irregular schedules or those who may forget to pre-set the thermostat before leaving home.

Learning smart thermostat – You may tend to forget to adjust settings if you are on a regular schedule or you are not the kind to sit down and understand how to operate devices. Learning smart thermostat is a good fit. As the name suggests, these thermostats learn the daily habits in your home and use this information to self-program a schedule.

The gain advantage for your programmable thermostat

– Install thermostat away from the fireplaces, doorways, lighting, appliances, windows, and areas that receive direct sunlight or drafts.

– Keeping at energy-saving temperature for long periods of time can help you save energy and bills.

– Also, keep at a constant energy-saving temperature when going away for the weekend or on vacation.

– Resist the urge to override the pre-programmed settings. Every time you do, you use more energy and may end up paying more on your energy bill.

– Use a programmable thermostat for each zone of your house if you have multiple heating and cooling zones. This will help you enhance ease, convenience, and energy savings throughout the building/home.

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