Some Air Conditioner Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Strong

Like any other machines, air conditioners also function relying on several components to work properly. As such, even a small mistake can have a huge effect on the whole AC unit and on home comfort. Here are 10 of the most common AC mistakes to avoid.


Improperly Sized Systems

Bigger Size AC doesn’t mean that it will serve the purpose. Though it is an oversized machine, it may constantly cycle on and off leading to power fluctuations and uncomfortable temperature changes. At the same time, the smaller unit is just as problematic. Without enough cooling power, it fails to keep the temperature in proper comfort. In both cases, it leads to expensive AC repair down the line.

Incorrect AC Positioning

The location where the AC gets fixed has a significant role in saving energy. If you are putting the bulky machine in the corner of your large room, the placement forces the machine to work harder. Find a shady place to fix your unit and lesser the sunlight hits, the less power it needs to cool your home. In addition to being positioned in the shade, your AC shouldn’t be blocked in by the shrubs and tree leaves.

Running AC 24/7

It may seem easy to just let your air conditioner run all day long, but doing so wastes a fair amount of electricity. If the house is going to be empty for most of the day, turn the thermostat up before you leave in the morning and turn it down again when you get home. It can be a good idea to shut your air conditioner off overnight.

Not Running AC at All

Keeping the AC shut down for long periods is not a good idea. If you are not at home instead of keeping it off, expect to be running perfectly when you return. As long the unit sits idle, the unit may get to deteriorate. Try to run the air conditioner for at least a few minutes every day to protect your indoor air quality.

Not Providing Routine Maintenance

Air conditioners may be able to run on their own for extended periods of time, but they need occasional maintenance to operate at maximum efficiency year after year. At least once per cooling season, have a maintenance technician check your unit for any emerging issues that could call for an expensive AC repair down the road. Your HVAC professional will also make some small calibration adjustments to improve your unit’s energy efficiency.

Not Fixing Emerging Issues

You may hear some knocking sounds coming from the unit so often. In reality, these sounds could be the signs of bigger problems. Your air conditioning unit represents a significant investment in your home comfort, so protect that investment. At the first sign of trouble, check your unit for any signs of significant problems, and be ready to call an HVAC professional to take a closer look. At Kuwait, Advanced Services has a network of HVAC professionals trained to handle any of your HVAC needs.  Being a leading HVAC provider in Kuwait, you choose this company to get the Annual HVAC maintenance and preventive maintenance done.