Understanding HVAC Evaporator Coil – Why and when to replace it?

Evaporator coils are considered to be the most sensitive when it comes to the HVAC repair and service. Substandard evaporator coils may cause to replace the whole unit. Let’s have an understanding of what an evaporator coil is and why it goes bad and when you need to replace it to have a better functioning of HVAC.


What is an Evaporator Coil?

Elevator coil is what keeps the temperature-controlled throughout and it is what keeps you comfortable. The evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant. As the blower pulls in the air from inside the home through the coil, the refrigerant in coil evaporates it. The coil acts as a heat exchanger providing cold or hot air depending on the time of year. In the hot season, the coil performs double duty giving you cool air and serve as dehumidifier drawing out the moisture from the air. Functionally, your indoor coil has the most important job of the entire HVAC unit — keeping your home comfortable.

Why Does the Coil Fail with Age?

The coiled tubes of the evaporator are its primary surface and most of the coil’s work is performed by the finned area on the coil. The bond between the fined area and the tubes is the important feature in any coil and without this bond, the coil can’t properly function.

Like many wears and tear the bond between the fin and tube becomes less and efficient due to the continuous work. However the construction of the coils and the fin doesn’t allow for movement, the bond naturally weakens. For this reason, the coil can become less efficient over the years gradually. Sometimes people try to clean the coil and however, this frequently pushes dirt to the center of the coil causing more trouble. The output of any coil depends on the amount of air going through the coil and it affects the airflow when the dirt is pushed.

Due to the years of age, there could be a chance for the coil leakage as well. All coils are subject to erosion. Water travels through the coil, so erosion is an enormous part of coil failure, regardless of how well-maintained. Erosion is always there, whether you realize it or not. Water/steam treatment and the corrosive effects of bad steam/water can all be causes of coil failure.

How to Circumvent Evaporator Damage:

Homeowners usually get a recommendation from technicians for evaporator coil cleaning. Sometimes they may have the doubt that the technicians are trying to get them to spend more money on something they don’t need. That is not the case at all. However, if you are still skeptical about this, you can contact the experienced professionals to get it checked and serviced. Like you give maintenance to your vehicles, proper care and maintenance should be provided to the HVAC unit as well.

When to Change an Evaporator Coil:

Obviously, if the coil is leaking, it needs to be replaced. If the technician says that the cost of cleaning is more expensive and doesn’t guarantee its life, then it’s better to for a replacement. There is a standard level for keeping the refrigerant in the coil and if it goes below that level and it shows the signs of aging, it would be better to replace the evaporator coil. You might be a novice in doing these practices or you may be not confident to carry out. The best way to proceed is to hand over the maintenance job to a professional HVAC maintenance team, they will provide the necessary maintenance to make the unit running perfectly in all seasons. In Kuwait, you can contact the foremost HVAC providers to maintain your unit.