Under what circumstances your AC warranty go void

When you purchase a new heating or air conditioning unit, one of the main advantages of that purchase is the brand new warranty. But unless you have thoroughly read, understand, and are carefully following all of its terms, that warranty could be in jeopardy. Every warranty requires some kind of action and often adherence on your part as the buyer in order to be validated. Here is a list of the top 5 ways people inadvertently void their HVAC warranty.


Not Registering the Warranty

If you fail to register the warranty with the manufacturer within the time-frame indicated, in most cases, the warranty coverage will be voided. You will be losing the great privilege

Using another manufacturer’s replacement parts

Does your warranty require the use of only that manufacturer’s replacement parts for repair? Probably. It’s pretty usual. And not surprising, considering that guaranteeing parts by another maker can be a little dangerous.

Faulty Installation

Many manufacturers will require your furnace or air conditioner be installed by their service department or an approved partner company. If this is one of their requirements and you don’t uphold it, your warranty will be invalid. That’s because an appliance installed improperly can cause serious problems including damage to the appliance, or worse.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Too many people live by the creed, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if you’re not making regular maintenance (at least once a year) to your appliance a priority, you could lose your warranty benefits.

Missing Maintenance Documentation

When it comes to compelling the manufacturer to act on behalf of the warranty, you need to show them that you have abided by the term they clearly set out. Staying on top of regular maintenance won’t do you a lot of good without proof of the visits. Save all your invoices, work orders, and receipts.

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