Why it’s important to keep your AC coils clean.

First of all, never ignore the maintenance of your HVAC by the professional providers. They are highly trained professionals who keep the system in good shape. They precisely work on the units to get better results throughout. Preventive maintenance can save you a lot and it involves the upkeep of critical parts such as the cleaning of coils and others. Increased system efficiency and cooling power depend on how effectively the ac coil is getting cleaned.

Why it’s important to keep your AC coils clean.

Coils are those visible things on your outside condenser unit surrounded by very thin aluminum fins. There are also coils on your inside evaporator unit too. These coils are responsible for effective heating and cooling and if it is covered with dust and debris, it may affect the operation. In order for your AC system to work properly, these coils need to exchange the heat (or cool) efficiently. If they don’t your unit works longer to get the same cooling effect which in turn means more wear and tear and shorter life span of your HVAC system.

As part of the maintenance plan, the contractor will clean the fins on these coils. The fins get blocked all kinds of debris, outside unit get a buildup of materials like leaves, grass clippings, and other biological matter while the inside coils usually get the buildup from microorganisms, mold, and mildew.

The way the HVAC contractors clean the AC coil can vary and often they clean coils in a fashion opposite to the air flow. For your condenser unit as an example, this means getting inside the unit and cleaning from the back of the coils.  There are multiple ways to get the cleaning done, either with a spray foamer and hose with a coil jet. Using the coil jet allows the contractor to get behind the coils and washes out debris without damaging the sensitive fins. A word of caution, if you ever need to go near the condenser or evaporator units, do not touch the fins. They are extremely sensitive and very easy to damage.

Whatever method your HVAC maintenance contractor do to clean these fins, ensure they don’t stray outside of the coils. While the coils appear clean by using water, it actually pushes the dirt and debris deeper down making them less effective.

Get involved with your HVAC contractor and discuss the maintenance that they will be doing. You’ll find them friendly and more than happy to discuss the system with you. Whatever you do though don’t attempt to maintain your HVAC system by yourself. There are plenty of pitfalls to damaging the system or worse yet hurting yourself.  Final note. Don’t neglect your maintenance. You’ll end up paying for it dearly in lost efficiency and broken systems in the end.

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